Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Kahuna Watches

A Kahuna watch is the ultimate extreme sports watch. It has a huge following amongst the BMX riders, surfers and of course skate boarders out there. The watches themselves have been designed specifically for riders and extreme sports fanatics and the brand Kahuna are major sponsors of some of the biggest and most popular events that take place across the world and sponsors of the best talent out there competing.

One of the great things about these watches is that they are excellent value. With prices ranging from as low as £25 up to no more than around £45, you are receiving a great watch at an amazing price. The quality can in no way be called anything other than extremely high too - these watches are incredibly well made and very sturdy. No matter how many skate boarding accidents or BMX disasters are thrown at these watches, they will continue just ticking away!

We have a good collection of these watches at ZG. If there is a particular model however that you can’t find within our range then please let us know as will likely be able to source it for you, all at our excellent prices of course.

Is there anyone out there who wears a Kahuna watch? Please write in with your experiences of these watches. Does it hold up to the mighty force of a massive wave or continue running after a wipe out on a BMX? We are interested to hear what you think of the Kahuna watch so send in your comments below.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Retro Watches

Retro style will always be considered pretty cool, and there is no exception when it comes to watches. There are a few different makers of retro watches, but a particularly funky brand is the Lambretta range. Yes, that’s the scooter company Lambretta! They have a very large selection of retro style watches in their range, and what’s more, you can see the scooter theme embedded throughout the selection. Each watch has been designed in a way that retains the feel of the very famous and popular scooters that the Lambretta name has come to symbolize.

We love them so much here at ZG that we supply pretty much every single one in their range. Possibly having the largest collection of this particular make found anywhere on the web - there’s 45 of them on our site! There are some with the Union Jack displayed on the face, others that are more plain. Some have metal straps although the majority have leather ones.

There can be no denying the traditional scooter theme however that is present in the designs. Are there any Lambretta lovers out there? If so, why not display your fondness for the brand by wearing one of their watches? Prices range from around £40 up to £150 so every budget is catered for. For those considering buying a new watch, a Lambretta is certainly unique and stands out. Am I right in thinking that a Lambretta watch is eye-catching - if anyone has one we’d love to hear what peoples’ reaction are to it. Can they see the scooter inspiration behind the design?