Monday, 3 November 2008

Water resistant watches

The classic sports watch is undoubtedly the diving watch. Time is an important element of diving so as not to run out of air of suffer from the bends. Once diving took off as an exciting activity, it wasn’t long before diving watches went into production. Always a popular choice of mens sports watch, there are plenty to choose from. with a large totaling bezel, imposing case and chunky hands and face, a diving sports watch looks good and are often selected by men especially as their choice of watch. Many divers nowadays have features such as depth readers, thermometers and illumination and are consequently believed to be an absolute must for any diver out there.

There is one important element however should be mentioned before rushing out to buy a water resistant sports watch. The water resistance rating on a watch is based on test levels carried out in a laboratory and doesn’t actually equate to levels you can dive to. In other words, the levels of water resistance expressed in meters refer to the depth at which a watch will function correctly in water if both the watch and the water are perfectly motionless. When diving or even swimming, there is nothing motionless and the movement will undoubtedly increase the pressure on the watch. You can learn more about this and discover the most functional diving watches out there at the top online watch shop in the UK, ZG Watches.

The Casio sport watch is a popular water resistant model, but again, it should be remembered that the tests are carried out in a test lab, and not in genuine conditions. We cater for all budgets and have good supplies of watches for men and womens sport watches. ZG Watches is the premier online watch shop in the UK where you can receive honest advice and information.


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