Monday, 3 November 2008


Greetings! Welcome to the great big ZG blog; a haphazard collection of ramblings associated mainly with the world of wristwatches and timekeeping. Part unabashed self promotion, part gossip, part informative and part nonsense ZG aims to not only tell you all about this wonderfully brilliant world but also to entertain you. A little. At least!

You see, as a retailer of watches ZG has a unique view of the market. We have specialist insider knowledge from the industry. We know what customers want and what information they need. We keep an eye out for trends in an increasingly fashion-conscious market. And we tell jokes. Mainly about wolves.

Clearly, feedback is welcomed and if there are people out there with even more knowledge than us by all means help us out. Questions as well. Lots and lots of questions. However obscure we’ll answer them or at least try to. After all, where would we be without questions?

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