Thursday, 9 July 2009

Totally unique clocks and watches

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You really think you’ve seen it all, but then a new watch or clock design will come out which will be so unlike anything you’ve seen before. Then you really think you’ve seen it all but it happens again!

Take Thorunn Arnadottir’s bead clock for example. This extraordinary time piece resembles a string of beads. It sits over a wheel which turns slowly. Each bead represents 5 minutes, and as the wheel turns, a bead will fall down the sting and thus present the time. To make things a little easier and to save counting all the beads, there is a gold bead for midday and a silver bead for midnight. So to tell the time you simply count from the gold and silver bead. This ingenious design can be worn as a very nice ad stylish necklace too! The Icelandic designer designed this clock to create a more “emotional” perception of time. Removing the beads from the wheel can express freedom and wearing it around your neck symbolizes control over your minutes.

Or how about Matthias Lange who has developed a alarm clock designed to be bashed. It is only in the prototype stages at the moment, but the design has appropriately been called “Smash.” To stop it ringing you have to give this egg like clock a good bash. The reason for this? Lange wanted to design something that displayed its daily usage through visual deformation - in today’s world, things either break or are replaced before genuine wear and tear shows through.

No doubt there will be a host of other extraordinary designs for clocks, alarms and watches in the months and years to come. It is interesting to wonder what they might come up with next! Meanwhile you can find a whole host of watch designs and makes on our website If there is one you particularly want but cannot find (bead clock anyone?) then you can let us know and we will source it for you, passing along our excellent discounts of course.

If anyone has come across any other unusual watch or clock designs, send in your comments below.

Monday, 6 July 2009

How to keep track of your offspring

ZG Watches

We’ve mentioned GPS watches before her at ZG as we just love their clever design and superb and novel functionality, but it now seems that it is not just us who are enamoured with this type of watch. Parents are really enjoying GPS watches, a particular brand in general (more to follow) as it allows them to keep track of their children!

I had assumed it would be drivers and outdoor sports fanatics that would be the main takers of GPS watches, I hadn’t considered the tracking possibilities and what the implications would be. A new watch designed specifically for this purpose has recently been launched by Lok8u in Las Vegas called the Num8 watch. Parents can strap one on the wrist of their child and know precisely where they are at all times.

The watch is around £150 and works by sending a signal of the child’s precise location via satellite to the Num8’s website for parents to monitor. If the watch is forcibly removed (it is locked on) then an alarm is tripped on the website and an email alert sent to the parent.

This extraordinary design is not only unique but also cleverly constructed and is completely accurate - to within 3 meters. Furthermore, parents can even receive a text message direct from the watch itself providing its exact current location. When the watch is taken inside, mobile phone triangulation is used to provide an accurate indication of location as a satellite signal is likely to grow weak. They really have thought of everything.

The makers of this watch are not intending it to be used as a restrictive method, completely the opposite in fact. Their intention is for anxious parents who worry about the safety of their children to be able to relax a bit more and provide them with a little more freedom.

Contact us here at ZG watches if you would like to know more about GPS watches. Do you think this type of watch is a good idea, or do you think it will inevitably used by parents as a way to control their children? Would it give you peace of mind if your child was sporting one of these watches? Send in your comments below.