Tuesday, 25 August 2009

An Alternative to Rolex?

TokyoFlash Watches - ZG Watches
Tokyoflash have a bit of a reputation for producing ‘geeky’ watches. Fun to wear, their bright LED designs often have unusual and interesting mechanisms for telling the time. There is a new collection of watches available now however from Tokyoflash that have moved away from this previous design, towards a more functional and stylish look. The Independent Series as it is known include a selection of designs that offer a look that is not totally dissimilar to a Rolex.

A Rolex is a coveted watch - the style and expense makes the watch not only attractive to look at, but an effective symbol of wealth and success. Alas, not everyone can afford a Rolex, so why not instead look for a cheaper alternative? A cool design, elegant look and extremely high fashion trend can be found not just with a Rolex, but also amongst the Tokyoflash Independent collection of 2009. If you are looking for a sophisticated, attractive watch that makes a statement, and yet can’t afford a Rolex then one from the Tokyoflash Independent collection could be just the ticket.

Here at ZG Watches we have a whole supply of Tokyoflash watches available. As purely an online operator, we have no overheads that a traditional shop has which allows us to pass our savings on to our customers. If there is a particular design of watch you want but cannot see on our site, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can source it for you, of course passing along our excellent savings.

Have any of you got a watch from the Tokyoflash collection? Do you find it makes a statement in a similar way to that of a Rolex, or do you think there are no similarities at all between the two brands? As always, send in your comments below.


MickShinoda said...

If you're thinking out of the box, and want to look like a man from outer space.... this is the watch for you... believe me, you'll be the coolest kid around the block!

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Lester Wong said...

Rolex is the brand that never expire until today. Rolex is one of the best watch to be chosen by men and ladies for gift, anniversary, wedding, birthday and ceremony.

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sunder said...

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