Friday, 21 August 2009

WITness wrist watch

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Another very funky wrist watch has recently been released to the market. Designed by Hay Heun, this watch takes its inspiration from a time gone by, when sun dials were the time pieces of the moment. This watch is called the WITness watch and although given a modern twist, is very reminiscent of a sun dial. It does not however actually need the sun to offer the time and instead works using radial bars.

The watch consists of 2 dials, an outer dial and an inner dial. The outer dial represents the minute hand, and the inner dial represents the hour hand. The dials both consist of radial bars, and when one bar is absent, the correct hour or minute is represented. So all the wearer has to do is look at the face and see where the break in the radial bars of both the outer and inner dials are to get the time. It may sound a little complicated, but it isn’t really!

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Would any of you be interested in the new Hay Heun sun dial watch? Do you like wacky wrist watches or are you more traditional? Send in your comments below.


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