Friday, 20 March 2009

Danish Design Watches

Danish Design Watches are not seen that often in shops in the UK. This is surprising as they are well made, affordable and extremely stylish. They are very popular in Europe however and it probably won’t take long before the UK starts catching up.

They are all well designed and have a clean and elegant look to them. I am a particular fan of the selection of diving watches amongst the collection which I find to be just as a diving watch should be- chunky, masculine and impressive. With a price tag of between £85 and £130, they are reasonably priced and will last for a long time. I would definitely recommend these diving watches if you are looking for an impressive and classic design.

For those not looking for a sports watch, there are a variety of other watches amongst the collection. They cover the spectrum of designs with not only classic looking, elegant timepieces, but also several designs with a more edgy and minimalist feel, even perhaps with a slightly futuristic feel to them. The Danish Design Leather Strap Watch is a very nice watch that has that minimalist feel to it.

ZG Watches is an authorised dealer of this delightful brand of Danish Design Watches. Visit our collection to see if there is something there that catches your eye. You will receive the watch in its original presentation case along with an instruction booklet and warranty.

Do any of you have Danish Design watches. What do you like about them, or dislike about them? Leave all your comments below.

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