Monday, 23 March 2009

LED Watches

There was a trend away from the LED watch for many years, however with some new offerings from various watchmakers, they are beginning to make a comeback all across Britain.

01 The One watches are extremely nice too look at and have a very funky and futuristic look to them. We are very big fans at ZG watches and in fact stock so many that we are within reach of becoming the company with the largest selection online in the whole of the UK.

LED watches aren’t really a new concept and they have in fact been around for a while, however, being accompanied by large price tags meant that they were not generally a viable option for that many people. This has all changed however as you can now buy an LED watch similar to one from the 01 The One range for under £100.

We particularly like the brand new Ibiza Ride LED watch that has a unique system for telling the time - you look for the numbers that are lit up on the display! This is quite a large watch which may or may not be an advantage. It all depends on whether you want your watch to stand out in a crowd; The Ibiza Ride will certainly do that.

Part of the same range, there are quite a few binary watches. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use this method for telling time, they all come with instructions so it won’t take long to pick it up. The very futuristic styles of all the LED watches make them really stand out. We think they are super funky, but others think that they are a bit bulky and too non-traditional.

Who thinks that futuristic LED watches are an exciting twist on a classic time piece, or who thinks they are just clunky and a step too far? Send in your thoughts and comments below.

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