Tuesday, 24 March 2009

EX Watches

EX watches are considered by many to be the ultimate watch for extreme sport junkies. They are branded as the watch for those with a thirst for adventure and life, the accompanying hard core attitude to match but who are also fairly fashion conscious. We supply a number of EX watches that are all very sexy to look at, but extremely tough and durable. You really could put these watches through their paces and they would come up trumps each time.

There are some EX watches that even come with an attached carabiner that can be clipped on to anything, so if you find yourself half up a rock face or some other extreme situation, you can clip your watch to anything available. Pretty cool?

If you are one of these people who love adventure and action but want a snappy watch that won’t look out of place when worn to work or out to a restaurant, then an EX watch may be suitable for you. They are very funky looking and we just love them here at ZG. Rock climbers, kite surfers, snowboarders....whatever sports you are into, if you want a durable watch that doubles as a good looking fashion accessory give an EX watch a try.

There are a range of styles available and prices range from £50 to £100. There are both digital and analogue watches within the collection. If you have one of these watches, send in your comments below. Do you find them to stand up against extreme conditions or have you had other watches that have been better for this. We would as always love to hear your comments.

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