Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Kenneth Cole Watches

Kenneth Cole made his name selling shoes over 20 years ago and has since then become a dominant player in the world of fashion across the entire world.

Wanting to showcase his line of shoes at Market Week in New York back in the 80’s when he was just starting out, he did not have the money for a hotel room or showroom to display his items. Not one for quitting he looked to hiring a trailer and parking it close by to the action. Unfortunately for Cole however, permits for a trailer were only granted to production companies. Still determined to press on, Cole simply renamed his company “Kenneth Cole Productions” and got a license to film the production “The Birth of a Shoe Company.” As the subsequent film can testify to, his shoes proved a massive hit with thousands flying off the shelves literally overnight.

It comes of very little surprise that the innovative and entrepreneurial businessman has since branched into watches and now has a range of designs that are both sleek and elegant alongside the rest of his fashion wear.

The watches, much like his shoes, have been an instant hit and it is easy to see why. The simple clean lines and elegant faces define his range of timepieces, all of which we stock at ZG and are proud to do so. Unlike many other ranges of designer watches, the Kenneth Cole designs we have start at around £80. If you are looking for a snappy watch that will not break the bank, a Kenneth Cole is definitely a viable way to go. The range has both metal and leather strapped watches as well as digital and analogue designs. Contact us here at ZG watches if you would like to know more about Kenneth Cole watches.

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