Friday, 20 March 2009

Solar Powered Watches

Casio amongst other watch makers have got a range of eco-friendly watches. Powered by converting light (both natural from the sun and even artificial from light bulbs) into energy, these Casio watches never need a battery to work and hence are better and safer for the environment.

Each watch has a small solar panel contained within it that is very effective and will keep your watch running for a long time. When fully charged, a solar powered watch could last for up to 5 months without ever seeing the light of day again. They run very efficiently and if their energy does start to fade there is a mechanism that provides a warning. Rather than simply losing time, the watches will shut off various functions if running low on energy and will just turn off altogether if completely out.

Even the Casio G Shock range work using this form of solar technology. With all the additional functions a G Shock watch has such as thermometers, barometers and stop watches to name but a few, the solar panel would have to work effectively to keep it going. You can therefore be reassured that it is a safe and effective method.

Whilst of course a solar powered watch won’t exactly stop the melting of the polar ice caps in their tracks, particularly when you think of the energy used in order to make the watch in the first place, it must be said that having a watch that doesn’t require a battery or winding is a benefit and a real time and hassle saver!

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